Good bye


I failed to recruit a dedicated team, and I can’t continue developing the game alone. I had to realize that I can only expect proficient and reliable work if I pay for it. Looking back now, I feel quite naive…

Still, several people offered help, so a big thanks is in order to them. Special thanks goes to SolidSnake, whos help was invaluable, and to Bojana for her support and inspiring artwork.

So now I stop working on MetaBall 2 before I slip deeper into the pit of irrational escalation of commitment. Maybe in the next few years I can save some money for this hobby, and can pay freelancers to help me finish MetaBall 2.

I feel bad about disappointing the fans, so I prepared a bunch of pictures as a “farewell present”. Obviously they are not the same as a playable mod, but I hope you like them anyway.

I mentioned earlier that on Evacuation maps, enemies might kidnap Tinies. Here is a snapshot of the event: the evil Meatball drags the Tiny (trapped in a ball) toward the nest of the meatballs. These enemies behave much like zombies: they are not too clever but persistent.

Fortunately the player now has the option of switching balls: The EvacBall can drag trapped Tinies to the exit pedestal, and the new SpikyBall can fight enemies by stomping on them with extruded spikes. While the spikes are out, the ball sticks to the ground (wall, ceiling, moving platforms, etc) and can not roll. Also, one must be careful because the Tinies can also be hurt by this ball.

And this is how it looks when the SpikyBall and the MeatBall meet. Well, actually this is just one way it can happen. If the player is not careful enough, then the meatballs might consume him/her.
By the way, I got the idea of Meatballs when a few fans told me that they misread the name of the game at first. MetaBall 2 is a family friendly game, so it will be possible to change the gore and blood to something more presentable to the young audience. For example the meatballs became “left in the fridge for 3 months” kinda meatballs, squirting bluish juice when hit.