Concept Art For MetaBall 2

During the last month or so I was making some concept art for MetaBall 2: The Four Seasons (for UT2007). Please proceed to the media section to check them. Also I’m in the middle of rewriting the documentation. It’s far from being complete, but there are some more or less final features in it:

The game is placed on the Island of Four Seasons, where all the seasons are present at the same time on different parts of the island.

There will be at least one more ball type, the chain ball, which is able to shoot a grappling hook into soft(ish) surfaces like wood.

A new gametype is the BossFight where… well.. you have to beat a boss. There will be 4 inevitable bossfights, and maybe one more deeply hidden inside the island…

Steam engines and other steam driven machines are going to have a much bigger role.

But I’m very enthusiastic about all this, I’m still reluctant to say that “MetaBall 2 is under development”. At the moment I’m working alone on this project, which is okay for now as I can use this stuff to enrich my portfolio, but I’d need a team to finish or even really start the development.
So if you want to work on this project, please drop me a mail.
Doesn’t matter what you can do, make coffee, model 100000 poly banjos or handpaint spherical harmonics maps, every bit of help will be appreciated. If I can recruit a solid, reliable core team and many “contractors” to help out with the art assets, then there is a good chance that MB2 will see the daylight.