11 Jun

How to play Klondike in World of Solitaire

The main purpose of playing this particular game is world of solitaire to arrange the card by their decks. The arrangement is basically done inn serial wise and within a particular deck of card. World of solitaire game is generally played by dealing cards using the shuffled decks in an arrangement that is mentioned in the game. Player needs to arrange the card on the table top offered in the game interface.

Player can arrange the cards with some restricted restrictions in the deck and attempts to reorder them by following a particular suit. There are empty locations available in the table top where player can put the card and use them according to their convenience. But there is also a restriction in keeping the cards.

11 Jun

Development of Boxhead

This game developer company has come up with the latest versions of the game from time to time providing the best entertainment to the gamers around the world. This Crazy Monkey Games Company has come up with the very first version of the game in the year 2006 on October 27.

The very first version of the game was known as Boxhead – the Halloween special. The main story of the game is made encompassing the city of Boxville. This city is attacked by the zombies.

These zombies attack the civilians and also the main character and kill them. The main motto of the gamer is to kill the zombie. boxhead He can use various weapons that are available to him to kill all the zombies and protect the civilians. The gamer must find all the civilians who are suffering from the attack of the zombies and lead them to the exit points safely.

While doing this thing the gamer must be aware of his protection also. Sometimes these civilians have a tendency to wander around and not following the main character. So the gamer must be careful about these civilians and keep a watch on their movement also.

9 Jun

All about the Trollface Questgame

The Trollface Quest is one the best adventures and fun point game in which the trollface trollface quest 5 has to be protected by the trolls attack. Is the best in-door game created for the fun lovers and the children who want to spend their spare time in home rather than playing outdoor games with the friends? In addition to developing the tricking and the amazing game, the developer has also provided the tips and tricks to play the game successfully.

On the internet, you can also find the solutions of different versions of the games so that you can pass all the levels easily. The developer has introduced various versions of the game starting from Trollface Quest 1 to Trollface Quest 13 and many others. It is recommended to the beginners to start playing from the first version so that they can understand the rules and requirements to play the game.


9 Jun

Vex 3 – Options and Achievements

At vex 3 the start of Vex 2. the main menu screen will show up. There are lots of options you can choose from – you can choose to check your achievements, play the game, enter the more options panel or build a stage. For first timers, it is best to visit the option panel first before commencing with the game. Through this option you can customize some game settings like sound effects volume and the music and also the blend and particle modes. Also you can choose to turn off the run time warnings and reset the game data.

As compared to the first version of Vex, Vex 2 has an achievement room where you can check your achievements and check out which one you still need to complete. The higher the level the more difficult the achievements will be. There are 29 achievements available in Vex 2. You can complete the first achievement easily but as you can higher for instance in the 7th achievement wherein you need a total of 3 stars, you might have a hard time finding them.

7 Jun

Brief story of Yandere Simulator

AyonaAishi is a school girl. Her nature is a bit psychotic. She is from Japan. InYandere Simulator she has developed a yandere simulator download crush on one of her schoolmate.

The name of her crush is Taro Yamada. The nickname of this boy crush is Senpai. Yandere Simulator extends on a story of 10 weeks. Over this time period, 10 other students fall for the guy.

The main motto of AyonaAishi is to eliminate all the characters that have developed a crush on the guy and somehow restrict them to convey their feelings to the guy. AyonaAishi is called as Yandere Chan in Yandere Simulator and it is her work to prevent all the 10 rival students of her who has similar liking like her. Yandere Chan generally eliminates all her rival by either murdering them or sabotaging them. She often blackmails her rival or does this harassment in the society.

3 Jun

Bloons Tower Defense – How to Play

The primary objective of Bloons TD is to stop the balloons from reaching its destination which has more than one entrances and exits. This game is a tower defense therefore the player has the option to decide on the type of towers and traps to stop the bloons and gain points for every popped bloons. The player loses lives if the bloons successfully reaches the end of the path, as soon as these are bloons tower defense 5 exhausted, the game ends.

The bloons follow a certain path until they are either popped or reach the exit. There different types of bloons, the tough ones and the weaker ones. In other version of the game bloons have special strengths or abilities that can escape certain type of towers. With each level, the bloon wave intensity increases proportionately.

Your primary defense tool is the towers. Each has its own power, use and purpose, with some being powerful against a certain kind of bloons but was not able to target others successfully. In order to increase the tower’s power and abilities you need to upgrade them using the in-game currency, known as money, which you earn every time you pop bloons and if you complete the level.

1 Jun

Gunblood 2 – Unlimited Health

You probably know by now that Gunblood 2 is a game that will test your skills in shooting and your reflexes. By playing the game seriously you will feel the sensation of how to become a cowboy in Wild West. You need to shoot your target within 3 seconds as soon as you aim your pistol to your target. If you are not fast enough your opponent will shoot and kill you.

To play the game with unlimited life, you can try the Gunblood hacked game using gunblood cheats cheat codes.

If you want to win the game every time you play it and you want to have unlimited life, then you should learn how to use the gunblood hacked unlimited health. You need to look for the cheat codes to unlock the unlimited health. Before you start with the game you should type in the cheat codes in the cheat box first. You will be shooting much better and become unbeatable by the opponents.

Some of the cheat codes that you can use are NOHIT which means unbeatable or invincible. If you want unlimited ammo to hit the enemies all the time you can use MOREAMMO. To get laser to shoot accurately use the POINTER cheat and FASTFIRE to shoot faster than usual.

1 Jun

Learn to Fly Upgrades and Stages

There are several upgrades that you can purchase in Learn to Fly. The most important upgrade is the one that can send you further learn to fly 2 into the atmosphere, extend the flight duration. The upgrade is known as the rocket. Using this upgrade requires some timing. If you use this upgrade carelessly it would lead to disappointment. Using it carelessly even before the penguin loses altitude could waste its usefulness. Carefully calculate the time and distance between the water and the penguin, just before the penguin touches the water use the rocket to boost the flight distance and duration.

You can also upgrade the rocket just like the glider, and buying it unlocks an additional upgrade that can boost the time in which the rocket can be utilized. Saving money and purchasing various upgrades would be a good decision, since you earn money depending on your flight.

The game has 5 different levels that you can choose from, although at the start of the game only the first one is available. There is a list of achievements the players need to complete like flying higher, flying faster and travelling longer. Once you have completed these achievements you can go to the next level. The first level is a normal sized 5 ft. ramp, the 2nd level is a 10 ft ramp and the 3rd level is a 20 ft. ramp. As you continue with the game the achievements become harder.

29 May

Run2 unrevealed for all you Run addicts

Who likes to stop just when the game starts getting better? Well, understanding this basic need, the makers of Run came up with their cool new edition the Run2.

Running may be too mainstream for run 3 some of you out there and to cater to such preferences, there are two distinct modes in which you can play this game, the runner mode and the cool skater mode. So, either you will be running through the holes in the corridor or smoothly skating your way.

A little insight on the game controls will definitely help you master the tricks of the trade. Arrow keys to maneuver through the corridor and space to actually jump are all that you are looking at. So ideally, it is not a very tasking hand control game. The good news is that you can devote more concentration on the actual running or skating and finish many levels better.


28 May

Objective of Red Ball game

The basic objective of Red ball and each of its upgraded versions is pretty simple. This particular adventure sport will redball 4 not take your brain out to play it.

Basically the structure of the game is quite hassling free and the prime motto of the online sport is to take the ball to the end of the level. Starting from the Version 1 to the latest Version 8 the users of the game will encounter with new traits and twist every time he or she is sitting to play the game.

So basically it is all about crossing the several hurdles and gathers the stars to achieve a perfect score. Keep it in mind that every versions hold distinctive challenges in the sphere of game. Red Ball 6 has 15 different levels that utterly mismatch with the previous versions available in the gaming market. Therefore, it does not mean that playing the earlier versions will make you a pro in the game.